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Navigating the complex waters of family and juvenile law requires a seasoned hand. Elizabeth Powers, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, offers precisely that with her extensive experience spanning multiple decades. A distinguished graduate of the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University, Elizabeth has dedicated her career to mastering the nuances of family and juvenile law.

Admitted to the prestigious Ohio Bar Association, Elizabeth's reputation precedes her, especially when it comes to her impeccable skills in the courtroom. Whether you're facing a challenging family dispute or navigating juvenile legal matters, Elizabeth's expertise ensures you're in capable hands.
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In the heart of Cincinnati stands a beacon of legal prowess—Elizabeth Powers. Her name resonates not just as an attorney but as a stalwart champion of family and juvenile law. With an illustrious career carved from dedication, extensive education, and an unwavering commitment to her clients, Elizabeth's reputation is both earned and deserved. As a distinguished alumnus of the Salmon P. Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University and an esteemed member of the Ohio Bar Association, she embodies the perfect blend of knowledge, experience, and passion. Welcome to a place where legal challenges meet their match.

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"Incredible attention to detail. Highly knowledgeable attorney, best representation ever. Elizabeth is very caring and professional. I would recommend her to anyone in search of an attorney."

- Bernard M.


"Elizabeth was relentless in my trial. Other law firms didn't even want to take my case, but she stuck with me and got me what I deserved. Would certainly recommend her!"

- Laurie B.


"Elizabeth provided me with a knowledgeable and confidential consultation. She worked hard for me and she will work hard for you!"

- Steven K.

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